By: Mridul Jain

Hello and Welcome to techtaker.com. TechTaker provides you latest tech news,reviews of gadgets,mobile phones and  many more.

TechTaker has a small but a strong team which provides you the best content in simple words that are easy to read and also provides support to all the readers if they face any problem, just contact us and we are with you.

About Me:

My name is Mridul Jain, Founder and Admin at www.techtaker.com. I am a student of class 12th and a blogger by passion. I like to use the smartphones and Gadgets and love to know that how they work and after getting all the knowledge I present it on my blog.

I read many articles and watch hundreds of videos but most of the articles are copies on internet. So I decided to provide you the latest and my own articles on my blog. So, this is the main thing that our users lovee about techtaker.com.

I thought for a creative and attractive domain name for few days. I got many domains available but all are listed as premium, So I was not able to buy them. Finally, I got my simple domain which is easy to remember, short and simple.