Top 10 Best 3d printer you must Buy under $500 


If you are a beginner and thinking to buy a 3D printer then you have come to the right place. In this guide I will be telling you the basis of 3D printers and the top 10 best 3D printers you must buy under $500.

In this century people are crazy about new technology and willing to pay high amount of money for them. Many of us thought that 3D printers are very expensive but now they are cheap and anyone can buy them.

People use 3D printers for architecture, art, fashion, jewelry, education and many more.

In simple language 3D printing is a process of making three dimensional solid objects from a digital file.Samples-

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The 3D printing technology uses additive process.

Its process of joining materials to make objects from 3D model data, usually layer upon layer.

3D Printer Parts-

1)Frame – A frame to hold the machine together. Industrial models are usually enclosed in the unimaginative gray plastic, but my home model need not. One choice could be to make the printer to “look sexy”, sort like a pimped up car where the engine is visible and chrome plated. Suited for display in the living room (yeah, sure). The system that moves the head can be the frame or part of the frame.

2)Head movement mechanics –  The head must be able to move relative to the bed in all three spatial directions, typically X, Y and Z. It does not matter if the head or the bed moves. If the bed moves, though, the frame needs to be double the width/length. All the designs I’ve seen so far are cartesian, ie. X and Y are a horizontal movement and Z is the height. One might also use polar coordinates. This of course makes drawing a straight line a bit harder, but that is just a small matter of calculation, and is no harder than the square cartesian system drawing a circle.

3)(Stepper) Motors- Motors are needed, four at least – three for the spatial movement (irrespective what mechanical arrangement is chosen), and one for the extruder. A major design choice is if they are “ordinary” DC or “stepper” (which also uses DC, but you have to pulse it on several wires).

4)The print head/extruder- The “print head” (typically) extrudes the warm plastic. Or something else. While every component needs to work for the printer to function, I feel this component is most vital, and under the heaviest stress. In other words, it would be first to fail if not build correctly. The design thoughts right now is to buy one from one of the home printer groups, also because the parts are special.

And the Remaining-

5)Electronics- There will be “computer” or “controller” that controls the whole printing process. The Electronics component is two parts; the controller itself and the electronics converting the controllers relatively weak electrical signals powerful enough to drive the motors.  Lastly, not to forget, power supplies for all.

6)Firmware- The Arduino has a highlevel compiler running on the pc, which generates the code that then runs on the controller. This program has to be written. It needs to perform several actions. Open source code is available from the CupCake and RepRap projects. I will probably modify it or even write my own from scratch.

Last but most important

7)3D Software-   Not part of the printer, but the printer is useless without a companion pc with software that can:

  • create/manipulate 3D models, view on a pc.
  • convert these models into “slices” for the 3D-printer In some cases to automatically cope with making “support” for overhangs.
  • convert slices into motion commands that give good edges and fill areas.



The Printers Listed below are DIY Kits i.e Unassembled Kit. You can use the instruction book included in the Printer box or can watch the youtube vidoes about how to assemble the printer.

These are the 10 best 3D printers you must buy under $500-




 Tronxy X1   $126.99 Buy Now
 Anet A8   $149.99 Buy Now
 Tronxy X8  $159.99 Buy Now
 Anet A6   $179.99  Buy Now
 Tevo Tarantula  $189.99 Buy Now
 He3D EI3  $272.04  Buy Now
 Anycubic I3 MEGA  $360 Buy Now
 Tevo black widow   $389.99 Buy Now
 Creality CR-10   $399.99 Buy Now
RAISCUBE Prusa I3 $206.35 Buy Now


Note- The price mentioned above keep changing as there are many flash sales going on in gearbest.

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